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Truth For Children

Charles Darwin and His Magic Barrel
Index of Truth for Kinds
Let's Learn Our Islam
The Glory in the Heavens
The World of Animals 千姿百態的動物世界
The World of our Little Friends, the Ants 螞蟻世界
Wonderful Creatures
Wonders Of Allah's Creation 安拉奇妙的創造
Stories for Thinking Children I 為愛思考的兒童說故事 (1)
Stories for Thinking Children II 為愛思考的兒童說故事 (2)
Skillful Dam Builder : Beavers 堤壩建築師:河狸  
Honeybees that build perfect coms
Miracles in Our Bodies
24 Hours in the Life of A Muslim

Interactive Presentations

Most of the presentations below takes less than ten minutes. 

Surely, you will have time to view it.

Design in Nature and Existence of God

Allah's Artistry in Colour
Biomimetic : Design in the Bone 骨頭堛熙]計
Creation of The Universe

Deep Thinking 深思
Design in Nature 自然界的設計
Dolphins: and Their Miracle Sonar System
Excellent Design in Polar Bear 北極熊絕妙的設計 ( )
Miracles of Human Body
The Amazing Journey of the Salmon
The Creation of Man 人類的創造 ( ) ()
The Creation of The Camel

The Design in Lotus
The Design in the Gecko Lizard Foot 壁虎腳的設計 ( )
The Miracle of Creation of Elephant  
The Miracle in the Birds
The Miracle in the Leaf Cutter: Ant
The Miracle of the Honeybee
The Miracle planet : Earth
The Spider: A Design Engineer

What is in the Picture
360° Virtual Tour
Food for Thought 
Every Moment, Every Second 無時無刻 每分每秒
Never Forget 
Unawareness : A Sly Threat
Miracles of the Qur'an

The Miracles of the Qur'an
Wisdom From the Qur'an
Blockbuster About Jesus Raises Passions
Islam Denounces Terrorism 
Islam The Noble Path
Signs of the Last Day 末日的徵兆
The End Times and Mahdi
The Truth of The Life of This World
Refutation of Darwinism


Atlas of Creation I   創造論圖譜

Atlas of Creation II  

Atlas of Creation III  

Atlas of Creation IV  
BBC Refuted

Collapse of Darwinism
Darwinism Refuted
Don't be duped by Evolution (pop-up) 不要被進化論蒙騙 (粵語)

Evolution Deceit 進化論的騙局
Famous Darwinist deceptions

Fossil Museum  ( all fossils)

Living Fossils  

National Academy of Sciences Refuted
New Research Demolishes Evolution

Quran Denies Darwanism

The Collapse of Atheism
The Disaster Darwinism Brought to Humanity

The Stone Age

What Darwinist Never Realize

Other Sites

( Introduction )

Allah Exists
Creation of Man
Creation of Universe 宇宙的起源
Day of Judgement 審判日
Design and the Universe
End of Times
Evidence of Creation
Global Freemasonry
Islam and Buddhism
Islam and Karma
Islam Denounces Antisemitism
Islam Denounces Terrorism
Jesus Will Return
Miracles of the Qur'an 古蘭經奇蹟
Nightmare of Disbelief
Palestinian Tragedy
Paradise in the Qur'an
Perished Nations 遭毀滅的民族
Prophet Muhammad
Rise of Islam
Serving Islam
Signs of the Last Day
Truth of Life of This World
Union of Faiths
Women in the Qur'an
WorldWars Unveiled

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